Here is our catalog. To order one of several cds, please type in the quantity in the boxes, leave us a message if needed and send. We will then send you a paypal request. If you wish to pay by check (france only) please mention it in the message box below.

Shipment fees go as follow :

1e for the first disc +0,50e per disc for France and Europe

1,50e +0,50e per disc for international.

Your command will be sent as soon as we receive payement confirmation.
Don’t forget to put your email adress !

ref Artist Album support / price quantity
EC001 E&C Karaoke Amorella cdr -
50 copies - Epuisé
EC002 Preslav Literary School Beautiful Was The Time cdr -
100 copies - 7e
EC003 Hotel Gromada Amazonian Rovers cdr -
100 copies - 7e
EC004 E&C Sweet Albertine mini cdr -
50 copies - 4e
EC005 Cawa Sorix P.I.P.I.S.T.R.E.L.L.O mini cdr -
150 copies - 6e
EC006 Ching Ching We sing songs to you about you cd -
1000 copies - 9e
EC007 Above the Tree Blues Action digital only - name your price

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