Ching Ching


Ching Ching, before known as Ching Chong Song is Julia LaMendola and Dan Gower. Based in Brooklyn, New York. They gracefully straddles the line between burlesque and performance art before soaring high above genre constraints and resting firmly in the realm of classic entertainment. It is lyrically and musically at once dark, hilarious and theatrical. Called “a genuine New York oddity” by Time Out New York, they have, since their debut in New York’s underground scene played numerous concerts including prestigious festivals and clubs throughout the U.S. and Europe (Primavera, South by Southwest, Danau etc) and previously self released two albums Little naked gay adventure (2008) and Everything for the babies (2009) which each sold more than 1000 copies.


graphic design by Soyouz design, programming by Patrick Joubert.