Hotel Gromada

Amazonian Rovers


First “studio” album from the French duo. Field recording based compositions from concrete to abstract, often narrative never illustrative. A warm and playful album with the real ability to transport the listener to imaginary places ...

Artist Notes

The three main tracks of Amazonian Rovers, each with a totally different atmosphere, were composed separately during the winter 2008/2009. In the idea of a live set for a Spanish tour, they were put together and transitions which soon became new tracks were added in order to create a 35 minutes piece. The piece was then cut into tracks back again and arranged for this cd version.
All the sounds used were recorded by ourselves in the ten past years in various places around the world including : France, Poland, Russia, Peru, Portugal, Finland, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, etc... recording devices ranging from DAT to mobile phone.

For us, the act of composing begins with listening. Improvising a lot, we are first of all active auditors of our own recordings looking for their texture, timbre, melodic or rhythmic quality, details or imperfections.
When a structure is found, we then refine each layer for what it brings to the overall composition and, through mixing we sculpt atmospheres that we like to be serious and playful at the same time, strange and sometime uneasy but also sweet and warm. Imaginary places we hope to transport the listener to.


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cdr, 100 copies, 8e

Recorded and mixed by Hotel Gromada
artwork by Louis Renard / Hotel Gromada
released under Creative Commons license BY.NC.SA 2009


graphic design by Soyouz design, programming by Patrick Joubert.